Национальная ассоциация экспертов по коморбидной неврологии

National association of experts in comorbid neurology is the Association of specialists in the field of interdisciplinary neurology and comorbidity

President of the Association

Photo of president
Andrey Rachin

Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Moscow, Russia

Our goals:

  • Development of medical, educational and outreach activities in the field of interdisciplinary neurology;
  • Development and implementation of international, national and regional projects aimed at improving the diagnostics and treatment, as well as enhancing the prevention of neurological diseases in comorbid patients;
  • Organization of educational events for specialists in the field of interdisciplinary neurology and comorbidity;
  • Clinical recommendations development and implementation;
  • Promotion of research activities in medical science and pharmaceutics;
  • Representation of the legitimate interests of the Association experts and professional rights protection;
  • International cooperation.

Head office: Moscow, the Russian Federation.

Contacts: info@com-neurology.ru